Oops! Georgia Lawmakers Almost Voted on Delta 8 Bill by Accident

Oops! Georgia Lawmakers Almost Voted on Delta 8 Bill by Accident
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Lawmakers in Georgia learned a valuable civic lesson earlier this month: always know what you are voting on. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has the details on an amusing story out of the Peach State General Assembly, where cannabis reform has been a hot topic during this year’s legislative session. It all started with a bipartisan bill designed to “help cannabis farmers with a bill allowing more hemp products in a state where marijuana remains illegal” brought by what the newspaper described as an “unlikely Senate duo — a conservative South Georgia farmer running for higher office and a liberal Atlanta preacher”: Republican state Sen. Tyler Harper and his Democratic colleague, state Sen. Kim Jackson. The bill, per the Journal-Constitution, “started as a proposal to allow hemp farming by Georgians who are currently barred because they had been convicted of a felony,” and would have “allowed hemp farming licenses to be issued to individuals as long as they haven’t been convicted of a felony related to a federally controlled substance within the previous 10 years.” But after that bill cleared a state Senate committee, Harper brought forward a substitute bill that included the following language: “Hemp products shall not be considered controlled substances due to the presence of hemp or hemp derived cannabinoids.” That, as the newspaper put it, would have effectively legalized Delta 8 THC, a compound that gives some users a high similar to standard cannabis and has risen in popularity in the United States after Congress legalized industrial hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill made it out of committee and onto the floor of the Georgia state Senate earlier this month before some concerned lawmakers wised up to what was in play and returned the legislation to the committee. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that “Agriculture Chairman Larry…

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