Experts question new study on cannabis use disorder in patients

Experts question new study on cannabis use disorder in patients
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Experts have responded to a new study which claims patients with a medical cannabis card are at increased risk of cannabis use disorder. Medical cannabis experts have raised concerns about the recent study, which suggests US patients in possession of a medical cannabis card may be at risk of “rapid onset” cannabis use disorder (CUD).  A randomised control trial, carried out by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, consisted of 269 people who used cannabis products to improve insomnia, pain, anxiety or depressive symptoms. One group was allowed to obtain a medical cannabis card immediately, while the second group, designed to serve as a control, was asked to wait 12 weeks before obtaining a card. The team reported that the odds of developing CUD were nearly twice as high in the cannabis card cohort than in the wait list control group. By week 12, 10 per cent of the group had developed a CUD diagnosis, according to the findings, with the number rising to 20 per cent in those seeking a card for anxiety or depression. The paper concluded that owning a medical cannabis card led to the “rapid onset and increased incidence and severity of CUD in some participants.” Additionally, it observed “no benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana card for pain, anxiety, or depressive symptoms.” But experts and medical cannabis prescribers have responded – with more questions than answers, remaining around the study, which was funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Dr Peter Grinspoon, a leading cannabis expert and prescribing primary care physician based in Massachusetts, where the study took place, pointed out several issues with the trial. Dr Peter Grinspoon has 25 years of experience in medical cannabis What difference would a medical cannabis card make? As recreational cannabis is legal in the state…

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