Does THCV Really Help You Lose Weight?

Does THCV Really Help You Lose Weight?

Minor cannabinoids are starting to have a major impact. Among those catching the attention of researchers is tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), which is similar in structure to the more illustrious THC yet produces radically different effects. And while studies into the beneficial effects of THCV are still relatively thin on the ground, the compound is fast gaining a reputation as an appetite suppressant. Related Post Everything You Need To Know About THCV What Does THCV Do? It’s been a year since we published a detailed blog post about the effects of THCV, and in the intervening period, we’ve seen a wave of articles appear online hailing the cannabinoid as “diet weed”. This moniker refers to how THCV inhibits the body’s cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors, thereby suppressing the appetite. As most pot lovers know, THC stimulates these receptors to produce a range of effects, with the munchies being one of these. Previous research has focused on inhibiting CB1 to combat obesity. While some pharmaceutical CB1 blockers have proven effective at reducing food intake, their tendency to induce depression renders them unsuitable for use. Happily, however, studies have shown that THCV suppresses the appetite without causing any nasty side effects. For instance, last year’s paper indicated that the compound reduces CB1 signalling “with unusually high potency,” yet “seems to be free of adverse events associated with CB1 inverse agonists.”[i] Another study from 2016 showed that a single ten-milligram dose of the cannabinoid alters connectivity patterns in brain regions that are strongly associated with compulsive eating and obesity.[ii] Earlier research on mice revealed that isolated THCV triggers a reduction in eating, yet demonstrated that this effect is wiped out when THC is added. Curiously, however, THCV’s appetite-suppressing power was restored by adding CBD.[iii] Therefore, the study authors conclude that THCV may prove to be an…

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