The Cannabis Community Needs a Social Media App Made for Them

The Cannabis Community Needs a Social Media App Made for Them
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The grim outlook is shaped without needing to consider the typical worries regarding popular social media apps, namely harassment, privacy and security. While those are pressing issues, cannabis brands, influencers and fans alike more often run into other social media stumbling blocks. They include account suspensions, deletions and content suppression.  Why Aren’t Cannabis Companies Welcomed on Mainstream Social Media? The rationale behind the bans is vaguely justified in that federal law in the U.S., where most prominent social media companies are headquartered, still considers cannabis a Schedule I narcotic. As such, social media and advertising platforms like Meta, Google and others continue to ban just about any plant-related brand from paying to play on their marketplace and use its ad space. Under the current circumstances, cannabis-focused accounts continue to be banned outright or face shadow bans. In the latter case, user content can still be published but only reaches an infinitesimal fraction of an account’s followers. While one app or another could be pinpointed as the problem, the truth is that the entire social media landscape is unwilling to play with cannabis to some degree or another. Posting a photo of the plant in any fashion, from a still image on a table to doing some substantial dabs on camera, can all land you in social media prison or exiled outright. If your account posts about sales or attempts to “boost” a social media post for advertising, then you can likely kiss your account goodbye soon after.  In short, social media isn’t messing around.   The ban is just one of countless hurdles the industry faces as it pushes towards legalization and online acceptance. Thankfully, the minds behind the cannabis industry have long been creative and adept at finding solutions when none are meant to exist. Several attempts have been made…

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