World Sleep Day: Hope at last for those suffering chronic insomnia?

World Sleep Day: Hope at last for those suffering chronic insomnia?
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On World Sleep Day, Dr Mark Weatherall of Sapphire Medical Clinics, explores whether medical cannabis could provide some hope for those suffering from chronic insomnia. World Sleep Day (18th March) is the annual celebration of healthy sleeping patterns and the awareness day for sleep disorders. It comes amid recognition that struggling to fall asleep or lying awake in the middle of the night is a feeling many Brits know all too well – with up to a third of us suffering from insomnia or sleep related issues at some point in our lives. And the pandemic has only increased these reports of disturbed sleep, which is not surprising. Whether it’s a side effect of long covid, or the result of on-going anxiety and/or grief we’ve been living with, many of our sleep schedules have been off balance. It’s widely known that lack of sleep can increase the likelihood of a series of health problems – from short term issues like fatigue and lack of concentration, to chronic issues such as depression or diabetes. And while you may have felt you’ve tried everything in the book, Neurologist and sleep expert Dr Mark Weatherall at Sapphire Clinics gives his top tips and sheds light on a breakthrough treatment you may not have considered before. Dr Weatherall says: “There’s usually a journey that people suffering with insomnia go through. In the first instance, we turn to a pharmacist and try over-the-counter medication as a ‘quick fix’. If that doesn’t help, patients usually start taking more notice of their ‘sleep hygiene patterns’ which is a really important and positive step.” Sleep hygiene refers to anything that helps us unwind and relax ahead of getting our heads down. This includes setting a regular routine like having a warm bath before bed, going to bed at the same time…

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