That High Couple Talk Medicinal Cannabis

That High Couple Talk Medicinal Cannabis

Alice and Clark, otherwise known as That High Couple, are two excellent content creators who explore all things cannabis with their ever-growing (mind the pun) YouTube channel. We sat down with them both to learn more, specifically, about how they use cannabis for medicinal reasons. This forms part of our ongoing Med March promo, Until the 4th of April, buy any 2 products indicated with the Med March icon, and the lower-priced item of the two is free. The offer applies to all 3 and 5 packs from this selection. ​ Want to stock up on some favourites? This offer is good for all multiples of 2. Pick 6 packs for example and get 3 free. Anyway, enough business, let’s get down to business with That High Couple! Hello Alice, hello Clark, thanks for agreeing to talk with us about medical cannabis! As you well know, there are dozens of different benefits for the plant, but one that gets over looked is it’s use as a medicine, would you agree? Absolutely! Everyone is familiar with cannabis’s medicinal properties in extreme health cases like glaucoma or chemotherapy, but what gets overlooked are the smaller, daily applications that can not only boost your physical health but mental well-being too. Nothing beats a jay at the end of the day for stress relief!  In the last few years, you’ve grown your own cannabis, what got you into a home grow as opposed to buying it at a dispensary? We wanted to get a deeper understanding of this plant that we’re so passionate about and we finally found an at-home solution that worked for our tiny, 420 sqft studio in Hollywood – we affectionately dubbed the Dabbin Cabin. Growing cannabis takes a considerable amount of care and space, which we were able to find…

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