Medical cannabis prescriptions to be streamlined in UK first

Medical cannabis prescriptions to be streamlined in UK first
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A new platform hopes to streamline UK medical cannabis prescribing by bringing together all available products in one place.  UK-based start-up, Medisonal, has partnered with ‘specials’ manufacturer, PCCA, to create a new platform for doctors and patients in the medical cannabis space. In what is thought to be the first independent UK platform for cannabis medicines, it aims to streamline the prescribing process to improve patient services and access to medical cannabis across the UK.  Medisonal seeks to work with existing players in the UK market, in order to ensure the best cannabis-based medicinal products are available to patients at reasonable prices and with an uninterrupted continuity of supply.  Its goal is to help the doctors and patients orient themselves across the whole market without being tied to any licensed producer, allowing them to access all of the medical cannabis products, which are legally sold in the UK, in one place. Medisonal also provides free education to UK doctors through CPD modules, and its platform consists of expert scientists, technologists, pharmacists and business developers to improve the amount of quality information available for hospitals, patients and regulators, with the overall aim of creating greater transparency throughout the market. For more industry news visit Cannabis Wealth Hana Salussolia, CEO of Medisonal, commented: “We are thrilled to announce that Medisonal has entered a new strategic and exclusive partnership with PCCA UK. This strong alliance will help us to achieve our common goal of helping patients to get access to high quality medical cannabis products at reasonable prices.  “We look forward to working with existing players in the UK market in order to ensure there is an uninterrupted continuity of supply of the best cannabis-based medicinal products.” PCCA is a world-leader in supporting the creation of personalised medicines and innovative products that make a difference in patients’ lives.  This new partnership with PCCA allows Medisonal to leverage PCCA’s high-quality import infrastructure and licenses (including MHRA Specials Manufacturing, Home Office Controlled Drugs Schedule 2 and GPhC Registered Pharmacy).  With support from PCCA, Medisonal…

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