European Commission Sets Standards for Hemp Food

European Commission Sets Standards for Hemp Food
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The European Commission, the regional body tasked with establishing cannabis regulations across the vertical for all EU members, has finally created guidelines for the acceptable amount of THC that can be found in commercially available food products containing CBD. There are two of them. The first, approved by the EC’s Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed, says that THC levels for hempseed derived oil should be no greater than 7.5mg/kg. The second is that THC levels for dry foods containing hemp, such as hemp seeds themselves as well as flour and protein powder that contain them, can be no greater than 3mg/kg.  To put this in an international perspective, Canada has established a 10mg/kg limit for both oils and dry foods. Switzerland has a limit that is double this at 20mg/kg for oils and 10mg/kg for dry products. But what does this really mean in the world of international hemp regulations? According to Kai-Friedrich Niermann, a German cannabis lawyer currently suing the government over regulations regarding the importation of hemp, “The decision of the European Commission was important and trend-setting for the European hemp sector. Now, for the first time, harmonized guideline values apply throughout the EU. Thus, such cases as last year in August in Germany, when there was an extensive recall of completely safe hemp products, should be a thing of the past.” Lorenza Romanese, the Managing Director of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) the only EU-wide lobbying group with any serious muscle on the lobbying front right now agreed. “The EIHA welcomes the newly agreed levels. A flourishing market will only be an EU market based on common rules,” she said.  “Not a patchwork of 27 national legislations.” Shifting Sands However, all is not entirely copacetic. The EIHA is still not happy. There are…

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