Pennsylvania Cannabis Hearings Only Presented ‘One Side,’ Left Out SAM

Pennsylvania Cannabis Hearings Only Presented ‘One Side,’ Left Out SAM

<![CDATA[Pennsylvania lawmakers attempting to exercise due diligence on crafting adult-use cannabis legislation have taken a one-sided approach, according to one legislator. The state’s Senate Law & Justice Committee held a series of three hearings, each extending beyond two hours, when body members heard from a mixture of testifiers, including law enforcement officials during a Feb. 7 hearing; and individuals who played active roles in legalization efforts in other states during a Feb. 28 hearing. In their concluding hearing held March 14, committee members heard from industry professionals and patient advocates with connections to Pennsylvania’s existing medical cannabis program. Sen. Mike Regan, the committee’s chair and a former law enforcement officer who plans to introduce an adult-use bill in the General Assembly, said during the final session that it was important to hear from the medical cannabis regulatory oversight personnel in the state Department of Health. “We’re fortunate to already have an established medical marijuana program in Pennsylvania, which has laid the basic groundwork for licensing, growing, manufacturing and selling cannabis through a state regulated system,” he said. “As we will hear today, our medical program is not without its faults. I look forward to learning about this so that we can help Pennsylvania’s 600,000 patients and caregivers while also formulating an oversight structure for adult-use marijuana that will be regarded for its desire and ability to work with the industry and advocate for its success.” But at the conclusion of Monday’s hearing, Sen. Judy Ward called the hearings one-sided. She said some of the stakeholders who were left out include drug and alcohol professionals, chiefs of police, the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, and Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM).  Specifically, SAM is a prohibitionist organization that aims to create policies that decrease cannabis use. In 2013, SAM was co-founded…

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