Israeli Town of Tira Founds First Medical Cannabis Cafe

Israeli Town of Tira Founds First Medical Cannabis Cafe
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Smokey Monkey, based in Tira, has just defied the odds. It has become the first medical cannabis cafe in Israel. This is a place where people can legally buy and use medical cannabis. Its owner, Kama Shbeeta, a former psychiatric nurse, is on a mission to change the stigma associated with cannabis use. In founding the cafe, he hoped to become an alternative to the black market for those who need help in treating their chronic pain and to help patients consume the drug more safely. At first, Shbeeta received death and arson threats from people who wanted to burn his establishment to the ground. However, gradually, the neighbors began to understand what he was doing. Now people with medical cannabis licenses can come together in a safe place and experiment with different types of cannabis in an establishment which is already advertising itself as a place where Palestinians and Israelis can heal together. Smoking the Cannabis Peace Pipe The fact that a cannabis cafe opened in Israel is news enough. The exact location, however, is also significant. Smokey Monkey is located in a town called Tira. This name means “The Fort” in both Arabic and Hebrew. It is part of a cluster of Arabic villages near the so-called “Green Line.” This refers to the green ink used to draw the line demarcating the first borders of Israel on the map while the Armistice talks created the country after WWII. The border stood until the Six-Day-War in 1967. After this, the territories beyond this line were subsumed by Israel and are better known today as East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula (although this reverted back to Egypt in 1982). The area includes farmland considered to be the most fertile in all…

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