Journal Club: Medical cannabis for headache and migraine

Journal Club: Medical cannabis for headache and migraine
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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Issue six of the Journal Club, published by Grow Pharma, explores the latest research around medical cannabis in managing headaches and migraines. To sign up to the Journal Club mailing list, click here For this edition of the journal club, the focus is on headaches and migraines.  Recently, Poudel et al [1] published a comprehensive review of the literature evaluating the potential role of medical cannabis in managing headaches and migraines. In its conclusion, the authors stated that the data is “encouraging”, with “beneficial long-term and short-term effects” and comparatively fewer adverse events being reported. In this issue of the Journal Club, two of the most recent trials discussed in the review are highlighted. The first study is a cross-sectional trial aiming to investigate the association between medical cannabis (MC) treatment and migraine frequency. 145 migraine patients were included with a median MC treatment duration of three years. Migraine index disability scale (MIDAS), headache impact test (HIT-6), and Pittsburgh sleep quality index (PSQI) questionnaires were used to assess outcomes. Since initiating MC, 61 per cent of patients reported a >50 per cent decrease in monthly migraine attacks (“responders”), with the remainder considered “non-responders”. Overall, responders reported lower current migraine disability, less negative headache impact, lower rates of opioid and migraine medication (triptans) consumption, and improved sleep compared to non-responders. However, due to the study design, it is not possible to determine whether improved sleep quality was due to the decrease in migraine attacks or directly due to the MC treatment effect. In summary, this study showed that MC treatment resulted in long-term reduction of migraine frequency in the majority of patients, and this was accompanied by lower intake of antimigraine medications.   The second study utilised the Strainprint app to track the impact of cannabis…

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