Chacruna’s Instagram account taken down

Chacruna’s Instagram account taken down

From their latest email alert Chacruna’s Instagram account was banned: We need your help Regrettably, last Monday 7th of March, Chacruna’s main and only Instagram account was banned due to a post from our Sunday Science series in which we shared this recent study from Nature journal of Neuropsychopharmacology regarding LSD and psilocybin. This ban comes at a critical moment as we are in the middle of our promotional campaign for the Religion and Psychedelics Forum, our biggest fundraising opportunity of the year. Allied organizations that recently suffered a similar ban were able to revoke it thanks to the help of their audience who reported the ban to Instagram as a mistake. If you could take 2 minutes from your day to appeal our ban you could help us recover our account! How to help us recover our account From your cellphone app, access your Instagram profile Click on the top right icon Select “Settings” “Report a problem” “Something isn’t working” Write something like :”I can’t find on instagram. This must be a mistake”. You can include a short message mentioning we are an NGO that abides by Instagram rules and whose work depends on this account We have also created an Instagram backup account until we recover our main one, it would be very helpful if you could follow it and share the situation on your stories by tagging the backup account @chacruna.institute_ Follow our backup account!

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