Cannabis and exercise – the cyclist tackling the “lazy stoner” stereotype

Cannabis and exercise – the cyclist tackling the “lazy stoner” stereotype
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Mike Traynor, aka Roger Boyd, set up a blog to showcase the benefits of cannabis and exercise Estimated reading time: 6 minutes A British biker, who cycled around the world to bust the ‘lazy stoner’ stereotype, has highlighted the benefits of combining cannabis and exercise. In 2018 Mike Traynor, who until now has been known under his pseudonym, Roger Boyd, hit the headlines after cycling around the world while vaping cannabis. The former IT worker launched his blog, Healthy Stoner in 2013, to highlight the benefits of using cannabis alongside exercise.  It came about when Mike, now 41, quit smoking and invested in a dry herb vaporiser, saying he was “blown away” by the impact it had on his health.  Over two years Mike cycled an estimated 19,000 miles, visiting countries such as Spain, Croatia, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Nepal and India.  He documented his adventures, along with the fellow advocates he met along the way, on his blog, leading to international media coverage.  “Cycling around the world has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, before I even knew what cannabis was,” says Mike. “I’ve always loved riding my bike and getting high, but there wasn’t much on the internet about exercise and cannabis at that time, so I set up the blog to showcase the benefits.” He continues: “It started as me and some mates making videos, but I’ve always wanted to travel the world, so why not make it a cannabis themed trip?” Mike would cycle 20 miles before he had his first vape, before going on to cover up to 100 miles a day until he reached his next destination.  His aim was to bust the common “lazy stoner” stereotype often pinned on cannabis consumers.  Far from it, Mike says cannabis is actually…

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