Meet Aventus 8, the Young Pioneers of the Delta 8 Market

Meet Aventus 8, the Young Pioneers of the Delta 8 Market
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Not only is the Sunshine State today’s hotspot for realty, business, arts, etc. It’s also the home of Aventus 8, a premium Delta 8 lifestyle brand changing people’s perceptions on cannabis alternatives. In the midst of a pandemic, when people were losing work, smaller businesses were forced to shut down and everyone was battling hardship, Aventus 8 was conceived! Aventus is the latin word for knowledge, discovery and success, topped with an infinity halo that plays on the 8, and representing, you guessed it! Delta 8.  Courtesy of Aventus 8 Spearheaded by New York native and serial entrepreneur Max Shemesh, he took a risk and decided to move to Miami during a time of uncertainty and test his luck in the cannabis world. Max was dealing with a crippling back injury at the time, and prescription painkillers were not subsiding the pain, along with damaging the body. He was recommended a more natural solution that changed his views on alternative products—that solution was Delta 8 THC. That personal experience is what propelled Aventus 8 into fruition. Although cannabis (Delta 9) is legal for recreational use in NY, Delta 8 still carries questionable positioning for a handful of states. In Florida though, it’s welcomed with open arms.  Diving right into an already competitive market, Max was aware this would be a tough industry to break into but that didn’t deter him. He knew he had to not only deliver some of the most quality D8 products on the market, but also offer some of the best rates in the game. Initially, the company’s most popular product was the standout, 50mg dark and white chocolates that quickly rose to prominence in the South Beach and Downtown Miami areas. It took almost a year of trial and error before the introduction of their 600mg…

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