Saving Money on Cannabis

Saving Money on Cannabis

The start of 2022 has seen the cost-of-living rise at a rate that most of us have never experienced before. Whether that be gas prices, groceries or buying buds, we are all feeling the pinch. So, like me, you’re probably looking at your expenditure to figure out where you can save some money. If you are consuming cannabis either medically or recreationally, you’ve probably wondered exactly how can you keep the costs down. I’m here to help you reduce this expenditure without necessarily having to cut down on the sweet Mary Jane. Something that isn’t an option for most medical marijuana consumers. So here goes, these are my top 5 tips for saving on cannabis. 1.   Coupon Code Sites You’ve probably used a coupon before. Usually, they are found in the back of magazines or in your local newspaper. But did you know that the internet is now rife with websites dedicated to couponing? There are also a select few sites that are solely dedicated to saving money on cannabis and cannabis accessories. I have been using Your Weed Coupons for a couple of years now, they list hundreds of stores in a range of categories. From cannabis seeds and dispensaries through to CBD, headshops and vaporizer stores. Checking one of these before you make your next purchase could see you save anywhere up to 50% depending on the time of year and the sales available. A great time to check is around 420 and Black Friday where the deals tend to be at their best. 2.   Grow Your Own This will incur some additional costs to begin with, unless you live in a climate where outdoor growing is possible. As you will need to purchase lights, tents, nutes and other equipment to make it happen. However, this is a…

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