Preparing for Spring at Swami Select

Preparing for Spring at Swami Select
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Although spring is quickly approaching, there is still much work to do before her arrival. In the winter months, the priority is to tend to the commercial crop from last harvest, which has been dried, wrapped in brown unbleached paper, put into bins and bucked. Now that it’s off to the processor for trimming and packaging, and eventually distributed into stores across California, we can begin to trim our personal stash. This traditionally happens at the end of a busy workday, when we settle down and listen to audio books while manicuring our own buds, a mellow close to the day. Winterization Nikki trimming. Our ranch, Swami Select, is at the edge of nowhere, set in the Mendocino Highlands, with a mixture of rangeland and forestland accessed by dirt roads. Hence, we have more rustic conditions than many cultivators, which calls for more preparation. Winterization starts right after harvest, when you need to prepare for the onset of the rainy season. And given our current climate conditions, one must prepare for drought as well. In the garden areas, a general cleanup is needed. We stow away anything that could suffer rain damage. Fertilizers, nutrients, pumps, sprayers and other equipment all need to be kept dry. Brew tanks and hoses need to be thoroughly cleaned. Water lines must be turned off and drained to prevent freezing.  Any debris from harvest will be sorted for proper disposal. In the garden itself, we keep the bare cannabis stalks with their roots in their beds through the winter, so as not to disturb the microbial life around the root zone. We’ll pull them out in the spring, when we add amendments to the beds. Then, we run them through the woodchipper to be mixed with the compost, manure and wood chips and put back on…

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