Cannabis May Help Treat ADHD

Cannabis May Help Treat ADHD

March is Med March on Seedsman. Every year around this time, we spotlight cannabis’s potential as a medicine. We also run a promotion, offering a 2 for 1 on medicinal cannabis strains. Buy any 2 products indicated with the Med March icon and the lower priced item of the two is free. The offer applies to all 3 and 5 packs from this selection. ​ Want to stock up on some favourites, this offer is good for all multiples of 2. Pick 6 packs, for example, and get 3 free On the blog, we’ll be discussing medical marijuana. The latest studies and insights, interviews with experts and patients, and exploring the latest in medicinal cannabis science. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a reasonably common condition typically treated with a cocktail of drugs, including amphetamines. Yet because these pharmaceuticals can bring about harmful side effects, many people diagnosed with ADHD choose to self-medicate with cannabis instead. According to a series of recently-published case reports, opting to tackle the condition with cannabinoids can bring about massive improvements in symptomology and reduce the need for other medications. Related Post Cannabis May Help Treat Autism Symptoms In Children Cannabis And ADHD The case reports appear in a new study in the journal Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids and describe the experiences of three male ADHD sufferers who integrated cannabis into their treatment regimens[i]. Through a series of interviews, the study authors learned how using pot helped all three men keep their emotions in check and turn their lives around. The researchers also report a decrease in objective pathology scores, thus corroborating these self-assessed improvements. All three individuals originally received CBD oil from a clinician yet later experimented with other products and cultivars before settling on their preferred cannabis-based treatment for ADHD. For instance, one…

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