Women in Weed: Breeder MZJill

Women in Weed: Breeder MZJill

As part of our Women in Weed campaign, we honour the female trailblazers in the cannabis space. One woman that absolutely deserves our attention is MZJill, the first publicly known female breeder in the US, co-founder of the first American seed company, TGA Genetics, head breeder of her own cannabis seed company MZJill Genetics, and tireless cannabis advocate. As a breeder, Jill is committed to developing strains that will help medical cannabis users find relief from their physical and mental health conditions to better go about their day. She is well known for strains such as Jilly Bean and Agent Orange (a strain named after her father who developed cancer due to his exposure to the herbicide in Vietnam), both of which are extremely popular among medical users worldwide. MZJill – How her Cannabis Journey Began Jill began growing cannabis over twenty years ago, having discovered the pain-relieving benefits of the herb for her life-long scoliosis. As a single mom of three kids with limited financial resources, she could only ensure a reliable medicinal supply by home-growing. She had a few plants growing hydroponically in her garage, which meant no lugging of heavy soil around, and she could dispose of the water out the back, enabling her to keep the operation as discreet as possible. Even though she had a medical card and was legally allowed to grow, she didn’t want the neighbours or other school moms knowing about it, as there was still considerable stigma attached to cannabis use. Having been raised on a small farm with a father who shared his love of science and horticulture with her, cultivating cannabis came naturally to Jill. She soon developed a real passion for it, and both the growing and smoking of the plant provided her with a sense of calm…

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