Cat Packer Leaves Role As LA Dept of Cannabis Regulation ED

Cat Packer Leaves Role As LA Dept of Cannabis Regulation ED

Following is the relevant blurb, we presume we’ll be seeing her in the private sector sooner rather than later Los Angeles has been at the forefront of leadership in the responsible legalization of cannabis.  From the days of Prop D, which provided a foundation of regulations prior to Prop 64, to the passing of Measure M, which transitioned existing operators to the newly established legal market. The subsequent establishment of the Department of Cannabis Regulation and Social Equity licensee program was a model for much of the state and the nation. The United Cannabis Business Association was founded by operators in the City of Los Angeles, California’s largest legal cannabis market.  LA alone represents over 20% of the state’s total number of legal cannabis retail shops and an international destination for cannabis tourism.     For nearly 5 years now the city has continued to modify its ordinance and steward best practices in regulating the industry, with the DCR’s first Director, Cat Packer, at its’ helm.  Although pioneering the regulations of a new industry in LA presented a number of significant challenges along the way, Ms. Packer will be remembered as a strong advocate for the industry.   UCBA looks forward to continuing our engagement with the City Council, DCR, and various other departments to address the many outstanding issues –  from timely application processing, to the more recent Fire Department violation notices threatening to close operators in the city without clear due process, to addressing a number of other needs in promoting the viability of the industry- including the fact that LA maintains one of the highest local tax rates on cannabis in the region, further incentivizing the illicit market to compete for the cannabis consumer. UCBA is championing tax reduction at the state level with our sponsored bill AB 2792, and…

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