Washington State Ballot Initiative Would Legalize ‘Facilitated’ Psilocybin Sessions

Washington State Ballot Initiative Would Legalize ‘Facilitated’ Psilocybin Sessions
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A proposed Washington State ballot measure would legalize psilocybin, the main active component of psychedelic mushrooms, for use in settings with trained facilitators. Adults 21 and older would be eligible to participate after completing a screening process intended to avoid negative side effects. Supporters at the political action committee ADAPT-WA filed the proposal month and are now working to raise money and signatures to qualify it for November’s ballot. If passed, the measure would “establish safe, equitable, and legally sanctioned access to psilocybin services,” the group said in a press release this week. Though the initiative would not require that participants be diagnosed with any specific condition in order to legally use psilocybin, advocates frame the policy change as a way to provide more effective treatment options for mental health. The campaign cites recent studies showing that psilocybin is a promising treatment for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance use disorder. “As a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Chemical Dependency Specialist, and Social Worker on the front lines of our mental health and chemical dependency epidemic for the last twenty years,” ADAPT-WA board member Leonora Russell said in the release, “I have seen the failed systems up close and their impact on our most vulnerable populations. Psilocybin offers a natural treatment option, to those who qualify, and there is broad based support for psilocybin on both sides of the aisle.” The proposal, Initiative 1886, is broadly similar to a “supported psilocybin services” bill introduced at the beginning of the year by two Washington lawmakers, Sens. Jesse Salomon (D) and Liz Lovelett (D). But that measure, which was based largely on an Oregon therapeutic psilocybin law passed by voters in 2020, failed to advance out of committee. Under the new initiative proposal, the state Department of Health would oversee the…

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