The Himalayan Women Who Make Cannabis Resin – Charas

The Himalayan Women Who Make Cannabis Resin – Charas

To celebrate Women in Weed week here at Seedsman, this blog will look at women’s ancient role in harvesting psychoactive cannabis resin (charas) [caras] in the Himalayas. Where Charas Comes From Making hashish resin using sieves of various kinds has been common practice in places like Xinjiang Province (in south-west China), Afghanistan, Pakistan and Lebanon (see the blog ‘Hashish’) for perhaps 1,000 years. However, no one really knows how old this technology is. In Kashmir, the Himalayan mountainous region that straddles India and Pakistan, the traditional method is similar to sieve cannabis resin to make hashish, which they call garda, meaning ‘dust’. Confusingly, in Xinjiang and Pakistan, sieved hashish is also sometimes referred to as ‘charas‘. However, in the adjoining Indian states of Uttaranchal (previously known as Uttarakhand) and Himachal Pradesh, and also in some regions of Nepal, there is a method of extracting cannabis resin from the buds of mature, female buds—which is well known to cannabis connoisseurs—that until the 1970s was almost unique in the world. This is the method of hand-rubbed charas, which is far more labour-intensive than making sieved hash, and, by quantity, takes much more time to produce. A distinctive feature of charas is that a stick or ball of charas may be made from just one or a few neighbouring plants, whereas sieved hashish is produced from fields of many plants. This means that a stick of charas may have a unique flavour and taste. Since the 1970s, entrepreneurs have introduced the Himalayan technique of making charas to other countries, including Jamaica, Mexico, and Colombia. Several years ago, when I was in Brazil, I was given an excellent piece of charas that had been made in Bolivia. Travellers Discover High-Quality Charas In some regions of the Himalayas, which stretch between Pakistan and almost as…

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