Georgia could increase medical cannabis retail licenses from 6 to 22

Georgia could increase medical cannabis retail licenses from 6 to 22

A newly introduced bill could triple the number of medical cannabis retail stores and make the use of cannabis oil legal for patients in Georgia. Georgia’s legislative chamber is looking for effective ways to boost productivity in the legal, medical cannabis sector. A bill, which the state’s House committee has already passed, could be the state’s best option for multiplying the current number of medical cannabis permits in the state by three. If this bill is signed into law, medical cannabis patients will also have the choice of opting for cannabis oil. Improving Georgia’s Medical Cannabis Program The state’s medical cannabis program has remained at a standstill for some years. The proposed bill would be an effort to stimulate more activities within the program. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explained that this lack of action could be blamed on the never-ending disputes among competing businesses in the sector. The majority of these disagreements stem from a lack of licenses to produce and dispense cannabis-derived drugs to registered patients. The approval of this bill in the house and senate would mean that the state medical program would issue up to 22 licenses to medical cannabis companies. The number of available permits today is 6. The newly issued licenses will be awarded to six approved companies months back. According to the proposed measure, all licenses would be given before or on June 30. Then the companies will be granted a hearing to make preparations before opening their doors to customers. If this bill is passed, Georgia will have 22 companies producing, extracting, processing, and selling cannabis and cannabis oil. It is essential to mention that all cannabis flowers and derived products must not have more than 5% THC levels. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis plants. The main aim of medical cannabis is to improve…

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