6 Most Popular Cannabis Consumption Methods

6 Most Popular Cannabis Consumption Methods

With the cannabis industry growing at an unprecedented rate, people are spoilt of choice with the consumption methods and brands. No particular way of using cannabis is the best. Everybody’s needs and preferences are different. And each method has its pros and cons. Having stated that, making decisions on the best cannabis products is not easy for beginners or even regular users willing to try something new. The task becomes easier when you shop cannabis products online at Secretsmoke. This article explores the most popular methods you can consume cannabis.   Smoking Without a doubt the most popular and arguably the oldest way people ingest cannabis. Not requiring any elaborate preparation or technical knowledge makes it the go-to method for experienced users and newbies alike. When this method of consumption is being discussed, joints and blunts readily come to mind. They are the time-honored acts of rolling a cannabis flower into a rolling paper or cigar paper in the case of blunt and filtered. Then it is light up at one end and smoke dragged at the other end. Related to joints are bongs. With bongs, cannabis smoke goes through a water chamber, and ‘cool’ smoke is inhaled. Though smoking is generally not good for the lungs in the long run and people are moving away from it, it remains the best and easiest way to get a quick hit. The cannabinoid moves straight away to the bloodstream.   Vaping Though both involve inhaling, vaping is technically different from smoking cannabis. Instead of lighting up a cannabis flower, a vaporizer contains a heating coil that heats the cannabis to the point of combustion and releases the smoke through a chamber of water. Unlike smoking, several cannabinoids, terpenes, and other ingredients are vaporized and inhaled. Also, research revealed more THC is…

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