Good Day Farm Creates 135-Pound Sour Apple Gummy in Missouri

Good Day Farm Creates 135-Pound Sour Apple Gummy in Missouri

<![CDATA[Good Day Farm Good Day Farm, a vertically integrated operator in Missouri and Arkansas, is now offering two new lines of cannabis-infused gummies for patients. One of those gummies, however, is not like the rest.“To commemorate the moment, we created a supersized THC gummy in the spirit of the Show Me State, which will remain on permanent display in our Columbia cultivation facility as a reminder to our employees to always strive for innovation daily,” Chief Marketing Officer Laurie Gregory said. “At Good Day Farm, we believe in good people, good cannabis and good days. This gummy brings to life our mission to exponentially improve our patients’ lives by combining both the art and science in all of our products.”The supersized gummy was certainly a fine illustration of that art and science. Weighing in at 135 pounds and no fewer than 116,000 milligrams of THC, the sour apple gummy is a larger-than-life demonstration of the rising supply and demand in the U.S. edibles market. Needless to say, this was no small task.“Our biggest obstacle was finding a mold large enough to accommodate such an oversized gummy,” Gregory said. “The team ideated a number of different shapes with our mold manufacturer, like a barn or something farm-related, but in the end decided the focus should be on the gummy—not the shape or the mold, just the delicious cannabis-infused gummy we all know and love. Ultimately, we ended up using a huge stainless steel bowl that we already had in the facility as a mold. Our gummy sat in the mold for three days just so the pectin—derived from ripe apple and orange peels for an irresistible flavor and fresh-fruit texture—would set.”The plan worked, and the resulting gummy is a thing to behold. It’s 2 feet in diameter, with a perfectly sculpted surface and an…

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