Catholic Church Against Cannabis Legalization in Minnesota

Catholic Church Against Cannabis Legalization in Minnesota
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The Bible is life’s skeleton key: a document that, in the right (or wrong) hands, can be useful for justifying (or condemning) just about anything. That latest interpretation of divine will is why the Catholic Church opposes marijuana legalization in Minnesota. Last year, with support from Gov. Tim Walz, a legalization bill passed the Democratic Party-controlled state House. Getting through the Republican majority state Senate will require support from reluctant Republicans—and will have to survive opposition from a coalition called Minnesotans Against Marijuana Legalization, which consists of the state police officers’ union, truckers and the Minnesota Catholic Conference (MCC), the Church’s policy shop. Special Coalition Echoes Republican Cannabis Fears The MCC’s stance against cannabis legalization follows other Catholic organizations in other states standing against legalization. In 2018, Michigan’s Catholic Church urged voters to reject that state’s Proposal 1. (Voters didn’t listen.) In Canada, where the national government legalized cannabis in 2018, the Church at least signaled tepid support for medical cannabis “when properly dispensed for therapeutic purposes,” but spoke out against using cannabis for “deliberate intoxication.” (The Church has yet to receive the “cannabis as wellness product” memo.) The Church has a losing record, but fortune may be kinder in Minnesota, where the Catholic Church appears to be taking the lead against cannabis legalization. At a January press conference announcing the launch of Minnesotans Against Marijuana Legalization, it was the Catholic Conference’s Ryan Hamilton who condemned the legalization bill as not “a justice bill, [but] a marijuana commercialization bill,” according to the Associated Press.  As for why legalization is bad, opponents brought up all the usual bugaboos—more people driving stoned, more people failing drug tests and thus unable to work—but, in a departure from the usual anti-legalization script, with the additional flavor of the holy word. “Our direction on this issue comes from the pope himself,” Hamilton said in an interview…

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