Women Activists Who Are Driving Cannabis Reform

Women Activists Who Are Driving Cannabis Reform

As we have highlighted in previous blogs, the issue of cannabis reform is one that acutely affects women. From mothers treating their children with medical cannabis to female executives seeking equal opportunities in a burgeoning industry, women are undeniably at the forefront of the movement for fairer cannabis legislation. Here, we profile some inspiring women activists who are moving mountains to advance the cause. Related Post The Women Who Changed Cannabis Policy In The US And The UK Ana Afuera Co-founder of MCC (Cannabis Catalan Movement) and REMA (Network of Anti-prohibitionist Spanish Women), Ana Afuera is one of Europe’s leading cannabis activists. Based in Spain, she helps coordinate campaigns in the name of fairer cannabis policies on both a national and international level. Currently serving as an executive member of the European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies (ENCOD), she collaborates with hundreds of organisations from across the continent to bring about reform. Thanks to her tireless efforts, crucial conversations regarding the rights of female cannabis users – as well as pot users in general – are now taking place at the governmental level. Chaney Turner Commissioner-At-Large of the Oakland Cannabis Regulatory Commission and founding member of the Cannabis Regulators of Color Coalition, Chaney Turner is among North America’s most influential cannabis activists. She has founded several social equity brands and businesses within her local community, including Town Biz Oakland and The People’s Dispensary, both of which promote cannabis culture and policy reform. Her larger plan is to promote inclusivity and social equity within the growing legal cannabis market, which is why she founded Beyond Equity in 2020. Committed to fighting for tax and policy changes, the organisation seeks to ensure that those most affected by the harms of prohibition are given the means and opportunities to participate in…

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