HMS Montrose Captures $8.5 Million Bahrain Cannabis Haul

HMS Montrose Captures .5 Million Bahrain Cannabis Haul
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The British Navy frigate HMS Montrose captured a multimillion-dollar illicit stash of hashish this weekend out of Bahrain. It marks the third drug seizure this year alone by the crew and the ninth since the ship began its extended region in the area three years ago. The navy believes that the Montrose has been able to intercept over $125 million over this period. This haul is the largest of them all—it represents the largest bust in about ten years. A Global Transit Hub for Trade For those unfamiliar with the geography, the Gulf of Oman is the neck of water that allows the Persian Gulf to empty into the Arabian Sea. Pakistan sits on the upper mouth of the Gulf. The country, despite its bubbling cannabis reform, is a major transit country for international drug trafficking. Bordered by Afghanistan to the north and Iran to the west, with a 500-mile border with China as well, Pakistan not only has a long history with the cannabis plant, but also has literally thousands of miles of porous borders which drug traffickers take full advantage of to ship hash and heroin globally. Most of the illegal cannabis and hash shipped through Pakistan (which has a strict zero drug policy that still extends to high THC cannabis) comes from Afghanistan. A UN report from 2020 estimates that as much as 40 percent of the illicit heroin and hashish that ships through Pakistan comes from its northern neighbor. The country is also a major transit point for heroin being shipped illegally into China. The International Silk Cannabis Road Both heroin and hash travel out of Pakistan in several different ways. If they are shipped, they usually end up traveling northwest towards and through the Persian Gulf and then by land through Arabic states, transferred again…

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Source : HMS Montrose Captures .5 Million Bahrain Cannabis Haul

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