Ecuador Kicks Off Medical Cannabis Production

Ecuador Kicks Off Medical Cannabis Production
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Ecuador is not the first country that comes to mind when one thinks about cannabis reform, either regionally or internationally. However, the country is clearly moving into the global medical cannabis market in an organized way.  This week, on Tuesday, AYA Natural and Medical Products of Ecuador became the first manufacturing plant in the country to begin regulated, GMP production. The inauguration was auspicious, attended by officials from the company as well as from the ministries of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries, the National Institute of Popular and Solidarity Economy, and the Deputy Minister of Production and Industries. No matter who else may take notice, this is clearly a coordinated effort and senior governmental decision to support a domestic medical cannabis industry and further one with global aspirations. It is hardly surprising, given the fact that their neighbors, including both Columbia and Peru, are in the regional if not international supply chain business already. The Status of Cannabis Reform in Ecuador This little country on the left coast of South America, bordered by Columbia to the north, Peru to the south, Brazil to the east and the Pacific to the west, has quietly moved forward on cannabis reform of a most interesting kind. In 2008, the constitution of the country, “drug” consumption including the cannabis kind is not a criminal but rather a public health issue. As a result, cannabis is legal here for personal consumption with a limit of 10 grams. The sale, however, of cannabis is still prohibited unless it is for medical purposes.  In 2016, lawmakers first proposed formalizing and legalizing the industry nationally. Ecuador’s National Assembly subsequently legalized medical use late in 2018 by a majority of 83-23. However it was not until late 2019 when the Organic Law Reforming the Comprehensive Organic Criminal Code…

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