Cannabis Legalisation: Should All Nations Copy Malta?

Cannabis Legalisation: Should All Nations Copy Malta?

In late 2021 a continental scramble broke out as several countries suddenly joined the race to become the first European nation to legalise weed. Before the ink had dried on new legislative bills in Germany and Luxembourg, however, Malta had already got its own cannabis legalisation act over the line. Unlike other legalised markets, though, the small island nation will not permit commercial sales, opting instead to allow non-profit cannabis associations to control distribution. Related Post Spain’s Cannabis Social Clubs – Are They Really Legal? How Will Malta Regulate Cannabis? Under the new legislation, adults over 18 will be allowed to carry up to seven grams of pot on their person and cultivate four plants for personal use. They will also be entitled to store up to 50 grams of home-grown cannabis at their place of residence. While none of this is particularly novel, the Maltese government has broken from tradition by declining to establish a commercial market. Instead, a network of cannabis clubs will be set up around Malta, each with up to 500 members. Rather than buying their weed from dispensaries, club members will receive up to 50 grams a month from these associations. In that sense, the Maltese model mirrors that of Spain, where cannabis social clubs have existed for over thirty years. However, while the legal status of these Spanish associations has never been clarified, cannabis clubs in Malta will have the opportunity to receive a government license. The country is currently in the process of creating a framework for the administration of these licenses. The Authority on the Responsible Use of Cannabis has already been established to oversee this task. Government representatives have not said when the first cannabis clubs will be allowed to open in Malta, although the expectation is that this will occur…

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