How To Grow Sustainable Cannabis


You don’t have to be a commercial cultivator to impact the environment. Whatever scale you’re growing at, the practices you adopt will inevitably have wider consequences for local ecosystems and the planet as a whole. Fortunately, however, there are ways to mitigate these negative effects, and a few small tweaks to your setup can set you on the path to more sustainable cannabis. Is Outdoor Cannabis More Sustainable? Obviously, marijuana that is left to grow under natural conditions will generally be more sustainable than plants cultivated in a controlled indoor environment. Yet it’s not always as simple as that. The methods used by the grower can massively affect the sustainability of both indoor and outdoor weed. For example, while growing outside may do away with the need for artificial lighting and ventilation, the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides can cause major harm to the local environment if run-off is not dealt with properly. Outdoor cannabis cultivation, therefore, requires some forethought if it is to be sustainable. To grow inside or out will depend largely on your location, as the local climate will determine how many months of the year – if any – you can cultivate cannabis in the open air. Making the switch to outdoor growing may therefore mean only producing bud when it is in season, which is, after all, the only truly sustainable way to grow cannabis or any other plant. Luckily, weed that is properly dried, cured and stored can easily last for a whole year, so by planning your outdoor harvest properly, you shouldn’t have to worry about your stash running dry.If growing outdoors simply isn’t an option, though, using a greenhouse can be a pretty good compromise. Doing so enables growers to use sunlight rather than relying on artificial lighting, yet also allows…

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