A Guide To Buying Cannabis Seeds


If you are buying cannabis seeds for the first time, or are a seasoned grower, here are some top tips and advice on how to pick the right seeds for you.  Follow this guide to ensure you aren’t being exploited by tricky marketing tactics selling cheap and inconsistent seeds or even straight hemp!  Think About Your Needs, Space & Time With so much choice in the cannabis seed market, it can feel overwhelming when buying cannabis seeds. Cannabis seeds will grow into different shapes and sizes depending on a number of factors: genetics first, followed by your grow space, pot size and grow method at your disposal.  If you are restricted with your height, chances are you will either have to grow a shorter indica variety or use training techniques for sativa seeds. If you need to do it in a shorter time, you’ll also find indica seeds more useful as they take 8-10 weeks, compared to 10-16 weeks. Sativa strains generally give the consumer a more uplifting experience and are considered more cerebral and better for day time usage. Indicas are more sedative so tend to work better for relaxing and evening use. Most breeders indicate the percentage of indica and sativa in a strain, as most strains are now poly hybrids with a number of different sativa and indica grandparents in the mix.  Breeder Reputation Is there much information about the seed producer online? Do they have social media? How long have they been active? Do they have a website that promotes buying cannabis seeds? Is there much information about their purpose, history or passion available? If they are making claims in their marketing about winning cups, can you find any details of that online? If they are making claims about how great the seeds are but there’s…

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