Improve Terpene Production With This Recipe


Wherever you turn in the cannabis world, the word “terpene” is sure to be seen. The world’s obsession with cannabis science and exploration has led terpenes to become more popular than ever. It has even been suggested that their use will be one of the next big booms in cosmetic marketing. So let’s talk terpene production, and why it matters. Why Terpenes Matter Terpenes play an instrumental role in how cannabis, mainly THC, will affect the person using it. Basically, terpenes are greatly responsible for the effect that each strain has. They modulate the effect of THC and CBD, effectively enhancing them.  Terpenes have been attributed to the ‘entourage effect, which is described as an orchestra of cannabinoids and terpenes working in harmony. The varying percentages of a blend of terpenes can mean one strain soothing neuropathic pain, another that deals with insomnia, and another that works wonders for chronic fatigue – even if they all contain similar terpenes. Unfortunately, traditional medicine is not designed to work with poly-compound interactions in one medication, and cannabis extracts contain hundreds of them. Higher levels of terpenes mean higher quality products, increased medicinal potential and a more enjoyable experience. Higher terpene content will make your cannabis extracts more exciting, flavourful and effective. Their interest started to gain attention after the work of Dr Ethan Russo for GW Pharmaceuticals in 2011. While the cannabis community has firmly integrated this knowledge into the culture, it might not even be at its peak yet in the broader pharmaceutical, medical cannabis preparations.  One of the most fascinating things about cannabis terpene production is that the plant will synthesise terpenes early on in its life that is then re-synthesised into more complex terpenes later on. With this knowledge in mind, it proves that it pays off having plants operating…

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