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Hemp News Your Help in MN and VA …and D8 Updates Minnesota Hemp extracts are on trial in Minnesota. The case is State v. Loveless, in which a Minnesota man was criminally convicted for possessing a vape cartridge containing a liquid THC product. Last September, the Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld the conviction, ruling that Minnesota’s scheduling of THC as a controlled substance does not exclude hemp products and state law’s 0.3% THC designation for hemp does not apply to a liquid THC mixture. The decision threatens many hemp products, including tinctures and other liquid products containing any amount of hemp-derived THC, even when it may be well below the 0.3% standard for hemp. The case is now on appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court, where industry groups are organizing in opposition. A new bill in Minnesota, SF 376, does not fully resolve the specific issue in the Loveless case, but it makes headway and is worth supporting. The bill expands the definition of food additive to include hemp extracts, allows the sale of hemp extracts as food, and makes clear that a food is not adulterated due to containing hemp. Hemp extracts would be subject to the bill’s food product and labeling requirements. Minnesota Hemp Supporters are encouraged to use our State Action Center to urge lawmakers to pass SF 376. Help Support Minnesota Bill SF 376 Virginia We need your help defeating two bills in Virginia. HB 897 and SB 391 concern edible hemp products, which would include any hemp product intended to be consumed orally or that contains a hemp extract. Edible hemp products could not contain alcohol or nicotine or be packaged or labeled for use by persons under 21. HB 897 imposes a .25mg THC per unit dose/1mg THC per package concentration limit. Additionally the bills shift regulatory authority over regulated hemp products to the Virginia Cannabis…

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