Psilocybin Equity Bill Introduced to Oregon Legislature


By Brett Mulligan Oregon State Senator Akasha Lawrence-Spence just introduced Senate Bill 1580 to the Oregon legislature. If passed the bill will establish the “Task Force on Psilocybin Equity” that will research problems relating to access and equity in Oregon’s emerging psilocybin program. The task force will complete a study and provide policy recommendations that will serve as a basis for substantive policy reforms during the 2023 legislative session. Green Light Law Group assisted in drafting SB 1580 and is pleased to provide background on the bill’s development and future. Policy Considerations for the Task Force SB 1580 charges the task force with studying: (1) barriers low-income and people of color will face in establishing psilocybin-related businesses and obtaining facilitator licenses, (2) barriers low-income and people of color will face in accessing psilocybin services, (3) the efficacy of psilocybin research licenses and research partnership that may increase patient access, and (4) possible funding sources the state of Oregon can use to create a psilocybin equity program. After the task force completes research it will submit a report to the senate committee of human services, mental health and recovery no later than November 1, 2022. The report will include policy proposals exploring the efficacy of psilocybin-license fee waivers for socially or economically disadvantaged businesses, grant programs for culturally specific organizations that offer scholarships for facilitator training or provide assistance to economically disadvantaged psilocybin businesses, and a possible requirement that all psilocybin service centers dedicate a minimum percentage of service sessions to low-income clients. Why a task force? The Task Force on Psilocybin Equity is needed to fill in for the lack of equity provisions in Measure 109, which established Oregon’s psilocybin program. While the Equity Subcommittee of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board is working hard to create equity focused policy recommendations, the subcommittee’s…

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