How to Clean a Bong


If you use a bong, or bubbler, to smoke weed, you’ll know just how dirty and smelly they get with repeated use. Sure, bongs are great, but the residue that builds up on the inside is… well…. nasty. If you care about your lungs (you should) and about the taste of your marijuana (you should), you need to clean your bong. Not just regularly – but also correctly. You (hopefully) wouldn’t eat food off a dirty plate, so why would you smoke weed through a filthy bong? There’s a right way to clean a bong, and there are numerous wrong ways to clean a bong. Read on to find out what to do to keep your bong clean and safe and keep your weed tasting tip-top. Why You Need To Keep Your Bong Clean Safety A clean bong is a safe bong. Since it’s a reusable device and not a disposable, one-shot deal the way a joint is, bongs get the opportunity to accrue all manner of dirt and gunk through repeated use. All that dirty bong water, dirt and gunk lead to a buildup of bacteria. Which can be harmful. So, regular, thorough cleaning is recommended for your own safety and, of course, the safety of anyone else you share your bong with. Continued use of a dirty bong can spell bad news for your health. While there’s a good likelihood you’ll get sick, this is mild in comparison to some of the more significant health risks you face. One of the more severe risks associated with the continued use of a dirty bong is permanent damage to your lung tissue. Do we have your attention yet? Taste A clean bong means a better-tasting smoke. A dirty bong will have a detrimental impact on the way that inhale interacts…

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