Crypto Cannabis Club Launches Cannabis Brand and Loyalty Program for NFT Owners


Crypto Cannabis Club (CCC), the original NFT collection and Metaverse community for crypto and cannabis enthusiasts, today announced the launch of the first ever NFT-powered cannabis brand. Members of the CCC will receive significant discounts on premium cannabis flower through a-first-of-its-kind partnership with CampNova, the leading direct-to-consumer cannabis platform. The Crypto Cannabis Club is a groundbreaking new community that forms the intersection of cannabis, crypto, and the Metaverse. Our rapidly growing, global community includes digital art aficionados, high frequency cannabis consumers, and crypto enthusiasts. In November, the CCC launched real world benefits for holders of its NFTs. The CCC has already announced partnerships with leading Cannabis brands including: Highsman, Old Pal, Dr. Dabber, King Palm, Higher Standards, Vibes Papers and Marley Naturals. CCC now becomes the first NFT collection to provide its members with a real-world cannabis product. To achieve this, the CCC partnered with CampNova to provide California cannabis consumers with premium packaged cannabis flower, hand-selected by the CCC. CCC products are available to all legal cannabis consumers in California – but will be offered at a substantial discount to members of the CCC community who own an NFToker NFT. CCC cannabis products will be initially available in 1/8th ounce packages of premium cannabis flower featuring custom artwork from the CCC. Three packages out of the total production run will also include an NFToker NFT – currently valued at more than $600 each. In addition to the three NFToker NFTs, CCC has some other surprises in store that will be revealed when the cannabis products get into the hands of consumers, so customers are encouraged to save their packaging. “Our goal is to provide the NFT owners in our community with the most exclusive cannabis experiences in the Metaverse and the real world. These worlds are rapidly converging, and we want to create a community beyond…

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Source : Crypto Cannabis Club Launches Cannabis Brand and Loyalty Program for NFT Owners

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