Colorado Legislators Propose Study of Natural Psychedelics for Mental Health Use


Westword report Colorado lawmakers have introduced a bill that would create a panel to study the nexus of natural psychedelics and mental health treatment. “I think we’re looking for anything and everything that can help,” says Representative Alex Valdez, a Denver Democratic who is co-sponsoring House Bill 1116 with Senator Joann Ginal, a Democrat from Fort Collins, and Representative Edie Hooton, a Boulder Democrat. The proposal calls for the panel to meet for a year to “study the use of plant-based medicines to support mental health, report its findings and make policy recommendations” to the Colorado General Assembly, the governor and other state officials. The bill allows for the study of four natural psychedelics: DMT, ibogaine, and psilocybin and psilocin, which are the active ingredients in psychedelic mushrooms.

  “I was reading about how there had been some promising research done on the use of psychedelics in the treatment of mental health issues, and I thought, this is really interesting. Because we’ve known for years in some sense that through natural medicine, the earth provides a lot of the things that we need as people,” says Valdez. “Our thought was, how do we do it right? How do we bring together a group of people that kind of cover all of the bases so that, as we potentially move forward with things like decriminalization or rescheduling, that as we’re doing it, it’s because it was determined as best practices by people who know.” Source:

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Source : Colorado Legislators Propose Study of Natural Psychedelics for Mental Health Use

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