Cannabis and meditation: How to pair strains and meditation styles

If you’re a dedicated stoner, or a part-time dabbler, chances are, you’ve meditated with weed without even realizing it. Maybe you got way too high, so you spent 10 minutes focusing on your breath and repeating to yourself, “I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay,” until you actually were. Or, while stoned to the bone and lost in a book, a particular phrase may have echoed in your mind until it lulled all of your chakras, which later shook you out of a stoned literary trance feeling light as air. Cannabis and meditation go together like sugar and salt — each effective on its own, but under the right circumstances, the two absolutely bring out the best in each other. When the alchemy is just right, you can consciously blend the two and end up with the salted caramel of short-term metaphysical journeys. Stoned meditation practice can be hella ceremonial — think lit candles, sage, moon phase consideration — or super informal. It all comes down to honoring yourself right where you are. So whether you’re lounging hard in your underpants or in lotus position on your bedroom floor, these stoned meditation tips might help you get and stay centered, faded or otherwise. Getting started For those unfamiliar with the practice, meditation is the act of focusing your mind on a particular thing — breath, for example — to achieve a clear, calm, and present emotional and mental state. Simple enough, right? Truly, there’s not much to the practice; the only thing that stands between you and higher consciousness is, well, your own mind. This is precisely why cannabis can be so helpful. It’s established that both cannabis and meditation can, separately, be potential treatments for pain, stress, anxiety, and depression — common issues many of us live with. Finding both…

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