Namibian police seized over 32,000 kg cannabis in December


Xinhua Namibia’s Police Force seized 32,238 kg of cannabis valued at 322,380 Namibian dollars (about 21,650 U.S. dollars) in December 2021, a police statement said. Various types of drug substances were seized including 352 mandrax tablets, two grams of cocaine powder, 46 units of crack cocaine, six MDMA capsules and 41 LSD stickers. Total value of drugs seized is 375,860 Namibian dollars. A total of 132 suspects were arrested, involving 119 Namibians, one Angolan, one German, one South African, nine Zambians, and one Zimbabwean national, according to the statement issued by Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi. “Dealing with drugs remains a huge concern in our societies and hence the police continue encouraging the public to desist from using these substances, moreover to report especially the drug dealers or any suspicion of drug-related matters.” ■

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Source : Namibian police seized over 32,000 kg cannabis in December

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