Cannabis industry supply chain stalls amid the latest Omicron outbreak

The most recently discovered strain of coronavirus, the Omicron variant, is currently spreading across the globe. So intense is the outbreak that cannabis companies are struggling with supply constraints. A wide range of essential materials – such as steel construction beams, heating/cooling equipment and foreign-made packaging materials like vaporizer batteries and cartridges – cannot be distributed from factories and ports due to Omicron disruptions. Even in cases where certain ports and factories remain open, many are operating on limited capacity. A lack of available staff members means that cannabis producers and retailers are forced to seek out more costly suppliers. Consequently, cannabis businesses are restrained in terms of what they can indulge their customers with. Additionally, building construction projects are being put on standby and outgoing expenses are skyrocketing. That’s without even mentioning the fact that a growing number of workers are contracting Omicron, thus resulting in other staff members and executives giving up their precious time to manage company sales and review customer IDs. Growers and manufacturers of cannabis products in the U.S. face the biggest hurdles So far, the fast-moving Omicron variant is believed to be overwhelming U.S. hospitals at the rate of 2000 fatalities per day. What’s more, a report by the New York Times suggests that the country is reporting more than 700,000 daily cases of Omicron. Of all the job types in the cannabis industry – ranging from branding creation to laboratory testing – growers and manufacturers appear to be struggling the most amid the Omicron outbreak. Due to disruptions caused by this variant of coronavirus, logistics companies are plagued with staffing issues and container ships are clogged up in queues outside ports, thus making it difficult for cultivators and product manufacturers to get their hands on essential materials. Congestion issues and unresolved shipping problems…

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Source : Cannabis industry supply chain stalls amid the latest Omicron outbreak

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