Sisters of the Valley Plan to Mail 13,000 Hemp Seeds to 1,000 Customers

High Times

Perhaps due to fate, The Sisters of the Valley—the nun-like hemp bearers of Central Valley, California—are mailing approximately 13,000 high-CBD hemp souvenir seeds to 1,000 customers under a new program designed as a “thank you” to their customer base. The Sisters are pulling a list on February 1 from their store of the last 1,000 customers who purchased from them, and each of them will receive a thank you card and a packet of hemp seeds in the mail this spring. They expect to send out 500 in February and another 500 in March. The Wee Bairn seed strain was “born of adversity,” as the Sisters were under the threat of having their crops pulled out due to a sudden local law change that appeared to impact their farm. The Sisters let the males live, go to seed—and ended up with their own proprietary CBD-rich seed strain. The seeds are not guaranteed feminized, nor are they guaranteed anything else, but customers report decent cannabinoid levels from the seeds. “For a brief moment in time—2018 to 2019—they made it illegal to grow on anything less than 20 acres,” Sister Kate told High Times. “So when they first opened the hemp laws they said, ‘Okay, but you have to have 30 acres.’ So here we were, and we’ve already three to four years into operating, and every year growing a big crop in our backyard—a one-acre farm, so we can’t grow more than like an eighth of an acre outside. So it’s not a lot of plants.” Sister Kate let the males go to seed—thinking they were bound to get ripped anyways. But their crop never became an issue, and the 20-acre-law was dropped.  By then, the Sisters had given birth to their own proprietary strain of hemp, unplanned. The Wee Bairn…

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Source : Sisters of the Valley Plan to Mail 13,000 Hemp Seeds to 1,000 Customers

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