DeepCell Industries Awarded Groundbreaking Patent for Prebiotic Cannabis Formulation


SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DeepCell Industries, a technology development company specializing in cannabis product innovation, has been awarded a patent for their prebiotic formula, “PREBIOTIC FORMULATION” PATENT No: US 11,116,745 B2, which is the first of its kind. The formula is used to create Prebium™, a digestive whole-body wellness product, that fuses CBD within prebiotic fiber, allowing for the time-release of CBD into the gastrointestinal tract, promoting gut health and longer periods of CBD effectiveness. Fiber digests slower than carbohydrates allowing the CBD to be released more slowly directly into the gastrointestinal tract. “Gut health is an exciting frontier in human wellness. We now know that the human gut is the ‘second brain’ and plays a key role in immune response, vitality, mood, and longevity,” says DeepCell Industries CEO, Kelly Ogilvie. “Now more than ever people care about their health, and we believe both prebiotics and CBD can play an important role in healthier, happier lives.” Prebium™ is a supplemental additive that is easily mixed into foods and beverages. CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in the management of various inflammatory bowel conditions. DeepCell Industries’ Prebium™ could provide consumers a lower cost natural product to help provide direct relief to those suffering with gut related ailments. Why is Prebium™ such an exciting innovation? The metabolic system is responsible for overall immune system effectiveness, with positive gut health lowering risk of disease, and is linked to directly influencing your mental state, promoting a positive mental wellbeing. CBD promotes immune response and has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. The pairing is the first of its kind on offer to consumers. About DeepCell Industries DeepCell™ is a technology and product development company focusing on cannabis, hemp-cannabidiol (CBD) products, and cannabinoid molecule discoveries. The Company seeks licensees of our brands and technologies in legal cannabis markets, and…

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Source : DeepCell Industries Awarded Groundbreaking Patent for Prebiotic Cannabis Formulation

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