Gb Sciences, Michigan State University Team Up to Study Cannabinoid-Based Treatment of COVID-19 Symptoms


<![CDATA[Last year, the team at Gb Sciences and a cohort of researchers at Michigan State University announced positive results from ongoing study into cannabinoid-based treatments for cytokine release syndrome (CRS). The work continues into 2022, with a paper awaiting publication, but the good news arrived at the onset of the omicron variant of COVID-19 sweeping across the globe. CRS is a symptom of viral diseases like COVID-19, one that puts the body’s immune response to inflammatory infection into hyperdrive.The joint study is analyzing the ability of cannabinoids (and certain cannabinoid combinations) to dampen viral hyperinflammatory responses—much like the cellular response to COVID-19, which gives this cannabis-related research a particular urgency. Cytokines are released by the body to draw immune attention to a viral infection, but, to put it simply, too many cytokines is not good.“When the cytokine systems get out of whack, you end up bringing too much of the immune system to bear on a particular region, and then you have problems,” Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, president and chief science officer of Gb Sciences, says. Targeting CRS, then, is seen in this study as one way of treating COVID-19.RELATED: Beyond the Show: Dr. Andrea Small-HowardFor Gb Sciences’ part, the company is using its AI-driven drug discovery platform to identify cannabinoid-containing formulations that are meant to reduce cytokine levels triggered by a SARS-CoV-2 infection—all while maintaining a proper level of cytokines to manage the body’s natural immune response. It’s a hypothesis that puts cannabis-based medicine at the site of an inflammatory response, ameliorating certain symptoms of the disease.The research team examined cytokine profiles in patients who were experiencing life-threatening systems, then attempted to match 24 different cannabinoid formulations to down-regulate those responses. Those formulations contained two to five ingredients at specific ratios, with some of them including THC.“It’s not just the…

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Source : Gb Sciences, Michigan State University Team Up to Study Cannabinoid-Based Treatment of COVID-19 Symptoms

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