Will or Won’t Maine Expand Delivery Services – It’s Causing A DifferenceOf Opinion In The Legislature


Looks like a rocky road ahead for delivery in Maine. Opposition appears to be building up a  head of steam.. There have been a number of media reports over the last 48 hours Maine Public Radio reports A proposal to allow door-to-door delivery of recreational marijuana in Maine is sparking debate in the Legislature. While supporters say it is a logical expansion of a growing industry in Maine, municipal and public health officials are urging caution. It’s been more than 16 months since recreational marijuana became legal to buy in Maine. But you won’t find a “pot shop” in roughly 90% of the towns and cities across Maine because voters or local leaders have yet to embrace the cannabis industry. So segments of that industry want to bring marijuana directly to buyers — legally, that is. “The fact of the matter is cannabis delivery has been happening for as long as cannabis and cars have been around,” said Alex McMahan, a Lewiston resident who operates both a recreational marijuana store as well as a medical marijuana company. Like many other medical marijuana providers in Maine, McMahan is legally allowed to deliver the drug to his clients. But state law prohibits delivery of cannabis products intended for adult, recreational use. So he is among several marijuana entrepreneurs to back a bill that would allow delivery to adults throughout Maine, regardless of whether their town allows retail sales. “Allowing adult use delivery gives Maine’s small business who are pioneers in the cannabis industry the tools that they need to outcompete illicit market delivery services, thereby raising the bar on safety and reducing the presence of unregulated cannabis products,” McMahan told members of the Legislature’s Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee on Wednesday. Retail pot delivery is not a new concept in Maine or…

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Source : Will or Won’t Maine Expand Delivery Services – It’s Causing A DifferenceOf Opinion In The Legislature

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