How Veritas Uses Limited-Edition Product Drops to Connect With Customers


<![CDATA[Veritas Fine Cannabis is always looking for new ways to engage with the end consumer, and this past year, the Colorado-based company has found success in a variety of limited-edition product drops.The Veritas team likes to curate experiences, according to the company’s marketing director, Jordan Plunkett.“That’s the thought process behind our new product lines and our new product drops,” Plunkett says. “We want to do something that goes above and beyond just giving someone a new product to try out. We want to tie that into an experience somehow, and we’ve done this in the past with previous product lines, such as our Pheno Hunts.”While “pheno hunting,” or determining a cannabis cultivar’s best traits, is usually reserved for a company’s internal product development team, Veritas has given its customers the chance to try and vote for their favorite phenotype. The one with the most votes then becomes a permanent cultivar in Veritas’ genetic library.“That [idea] derived from our gardeners coming to us and basically saying, ‘We have all these phenos and these incredible strains, and we don’t even … know where to choose from,’” Plunkett says. “We then came up with an idea to actually … get consumers engaged somehow.”Veritas offers its customers a Pheno Hunt box that includes 1 gram each of three different phenotypes of the same cultivar, along with accessories like a grinder, a lighter and rolling papers. Consumers can then sample each phenotype and offer their honest opinions and feedback on which ones should have a place in Veritas’ genetic library, Plunkett says.“It’s been a really successful and engaging way to really connect with our customers,” he says. “They seem to love it because it actually gives them a say so in what we do as a company. At the end of the day, they’re the…

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