Top 5 Indica Cannabis Strains 2022


Last week we listed which sativa strains we thought would take 2022 by storm. And we were going to leave it at that, but not doing the same for indica plants felt…off. Like leaving a fridge door open. And so, here we are. Let’s talk indica cannabis. If you think this year will be like last year (totally ridiculous), you need to grow your own indica.  Indica (or in-da-couch) marijuana is known for its more heady qualities. Indica (to oversimplify) tends to have much more of an effect on a users’ body – they produce an intensely relaxing sensation and can cause users to become ‘couch-locked.’  This is, sadly, where the lazy stoner stereotype originates. After all, we’ve all experienced what happens after a serious indica session and how difficult it can seem to make that short trip to the fridge to satisfy your munchies. That being said, a good indica at the right time could be precisely what you need – both physically and mentally. Medical marijuana owes much to indica cannabis, with many people suffering from anxiety, PTSD or chronic pain consuming potent indica strains to help cope.  So, if you’re looking to grow your own top quality indica cannabis strains, we thought we’d make your life easier with the best indica strains of 2022.  But first: A Note on Hybrid Indica Cannabis In 2022 it is becoming increasingly rare to come across a strain that is 100% indica or sativa. Like a landrace would be. Most seeds you can collect are what is known as a hybrid. This means that through the selective breeding of different strains from both varieties, growers can pick and choose the traits and effects they want to be present in their new strain. The utilization of selective breeding has led to the proliferation…

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