Mississippi Governor’s Veto Card Trivial on Cannabis


<![CDATA[Digging his heels in the sand to avoid moving forward with a proposed medical cannabis bill in 2021, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves now finds his veto card fading quickly in 2022. That’s because the House passed an amended version of the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act, 105-14, on Jan. 19, displaying overwhelming bipartisan support of a legalization effort that ignited with November 2020’s voter-approved Initiative 65. The state’s Supreme Court struck down that initiative on signature-gathering technicality in May 2021, and state lawmakers have been working on crafting legislation since.  RELATED: Mississippi Supreme Court Overturns Voter-Approved Ballot Initiative for Medical Cannabis Mississippi LegislatureRep. Lee Yancey“Why are we here?” Rep. Lee Yancey asked on the House floor Wednesday. “We’re here because in November of 2020 there was a ballot initiative. In that ballot initiative, [68.5 percent] of the people indicated they wanted a medical marijuana program. They indicated that that was something they thought would be good for relief for those who were suffering.”Despite the Mississippi Legislature’s 2021 adjournment coming a month before the Supreme Court decision, state Sen. Kevin Blackwell and Yancey, both Republicans, began working on a legislative pathway aimed at honoring the voters’ will while the congressional body was out of session. But that legislative effort came to a standstill in fall 2021, when Reeves refused to call a special session. Despite opposing Initiative 65, the governor indicated his willingness to call a special session should Senate and House leaders come to a compromise proposal that attracted majority support in both chambers. Although Blackwell and Yancey presented Reeves a proposed bill, the governor kept coming back with more and more demands, Blackwell told Cannabis Business Times earlier this month. Now convened for its 2022 regular session, the Mississippi Legislature is closing in on passing the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act (Senate…

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