Organic Cannabis Soil – Making Your Own


The last ten years have seen a growing trend in building organic cannabis soil from scratch across the global marijuana cultivation community. This has come amongst a wave of shared knowledge from interconnected cannabis scenes worldwide but has also been influenced by traditional agricultural techniques from Korean Natural Farming. Why Build Your Own Soil? It is fun, sometimes frustrating, but eventually (if you get it right), it is wholesomely rewarding. The benefits to building your own soil quickly stack up for the keen hobby grower and the no-stone-left-unturned-to-get-the-best connoisseur. Nature really can produce some of the best. If you know exactly what is in your soil, you know exactly what is in your weed. It’s a simple equation, but it works very well and stays true to form. With so many bottles on the shelf and different bags of soil to choose from, it can be hard to know what you are actually buying and using to grow. If you care about the climate and wildlife ecosystem, building your own soil may just be the good karma you are looking to add to your garden. Environmental Impact of Making Your Own Soil Ninety percent of the soil available to hobby and indoor growers, and even your commercial outdoor for your back garden pansies come from peat moss, also referred to as sphagnum, as this is the majority of the moss species contained. This consists of decayed sphagnum moss that grows on marsh and wetlands. It is beneficial as a growing medium, as it provides an almost perfect structure for roots to grip on to and grow through whilst being on the acidic side, which is suitable for growing cannabis.  It takes quite some time to decompose naturally into the state that it is suitable to be harvested for production. The…

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