Six 2022 Industry Predictions from Eric Sklar of Napa Valley Fumé


<![CDATA[“Lean and mean” is the current approach at Lake County, Calif., cultivator Napa Valley Fumé, company founder and CEO Eric Sklar tells Cannabis Business Times.The company is pivoting from a partnership with Eaze to more brand development. “Eaze has picked up those delivery dispensaries as they’ve gone vertical, and our entire focus is on our brands, both fumé and LAKE GRADE,” Sklar said.Photo courtesy of Napa Valley FuméEric SklarThe company plans to launch more brands this year, Sklar said, adding, “And [we’re] really excited because that was the goal from the very beginning, was to be a house of brands—a small handful of really super-high-quality brands. Whatever the price point, we want the quality to be one of the best in that niche.”RELATED: Napa Valley Fumé: Chicken Soup & Camaraderie Part of the Company Culture RecipeChanges at the company mirror some of the predictions that Sklar has for the wider cannabis industry in 2022—sustainable growth for businesses and more product development. But Sklar has additional hopes for the industry, both as a whole and specific to the Western U.S.CBT caught up with Sklar, who has been involved in national, state, and local politics, and serves on the California Fish and Game Commission, to discuss his cannabis industry predictions for this year—from M&A to banking to possible California tax abatements.1. Slow and Steady Industry GrowthSklar said he envisions a continued decline from the “rollercoaster-y boom-and-bust growth” that the industry has seen in the past, including in Napa Valley Fumé’s home of California, and Colorado and Washington, the first states to legalize cannabis for adult use. “There was a slowdown in growth in California after a really, really hot 2020,” Sklar said. “I think that COVID really pushed things up, and now it’s leveled off and is now growing at a more…

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