Prohibition Report Says Medical Sales On A Downward Slide In Germany


Interesting report. Is it a natural response to the fact that recreational is supposedly on the way or a the report suggests it’s hard as a patient to access so therefore people are just giving up Here’s the intro to their report The current lack of market growth reflects an unfortunate reality in Germany that patient access to medical cannabis is still quite low. One issue is that doctors are often unwilling to prescribe cannabis. This is due to several factors, including: a lack of understanding of cannabis, a lack of public insurance reimbursement, and a lack of legal protection for doctors, where some have been sued for prescribing cannabis medicines where it was not deemed necessary. Unapproved medications such as cannabis in Germany can only be approved on the basis of three criteria: (1) When it is for the treatment of a serious (life-threatening or permanently detrimental to the quality of life) medical condition; (2) Where no other therapy is available; and (3) Based on the available data, when there is a justified prospect that treatment success (curative or palliative) can be achieved with the medicine in question. Insurance firms are increasing the requirements placed on patients and doctors to meet the third criterion, meaning many patients need to pick up the costs themselves or seek help from private insurers. Product Split The split of product formats being sold in the country continues to evolve, with raw and lightly processed flowers now making up about 40% of reimbursed sales, with premade and pharmacy-made extracts accounting for 30% and pharmaceuticals such as Epidiolex accounting for a further 30%. However, the small portion of sales that are not reimbursed by public health insurers are likely dominated by flower, meaning the overall proportion of sales value is slightly higher than 40%. Approved…

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Source : Prohibition Report Says Medical Sales On A Downward Slide In Germany

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